Monday, August 17, 2015

May Catch-Up

As I have said here before, this summer has been crazy.  I already knew it was going to be a crazy summer with our big move to Tyler, but Dad's car accident and stroke really threw things for a loop.  I just haven't felt like blogging this summer.  I am just now feeling up to sharing about what's going on and catching up on my poor little neglected blog.

Here's what we have been up to in the month of May.
**These post are all back dated to the actual dates so you'll have to click on the links or scroll really far to get to them!!

Going Away Party

Last Small Group

Kickin' Up Some Fun

Mother's Day

See Ya Later Sachse
Check back later this week to read all about our June.
I am determined to get all caught up by the time the boys start school.
Including finally blogging some super cute bluebonnet pictures I took of the boys in April and Nash's first birthday party way back in February!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

nash {18 months}

27lbs 2oz; 33ish inches
(official measurements from the doctor)
You are mostly wearing 24 month/2T PJ's.  Clothes are mainly 24 months, 18-24 months, and 2T.  You are in size 5 diapers and size 6 or 7 shoes.  

Most nights you sleep great but the last couple of weeks you have been waking up about an hour after we put you to bed and you won't go back to sleep.  We end up letting you just stay in the living room with us and watch TV.  You are so sweet and snuggly.  Since you stay up a little later you have been sleeping until about 8am.  We officially dropped your morning nap this month.  You are ready for your nap around noon but I push you until 1pm most days.  Some days you will sleep 3 hours but most days its about 2.5hrs.   

You continue to out eat Pearson at every meal.  You rarely turn any food down and if you see food, you immediately say "Bi-Bi" meaning you want a bite!  Some of your favorite foods are avocados, watermelon, grapes, bananas, any kind of potatoes, greek yogurt, mac n cheese, and yogurt raisins.  I just quite nursing you a week ago.  Every night before bed we would sit down to nurse.  You would literally nurse for a minute and then you wanted to run into Pearson's room to tell Bubba and Daddy goodnight.  You were more excited about that than nursing so I knew it was a good time to wean.  We went a couple days without then it's like you remembered that we hadn't nursed in a few days.  There has been a few times you have gotten mad at me when we sit in the chair and don't nurse and a few times you have tried to pull my shirt up, but we are officially all done and there is not going back.

New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
Your vocabulary has exploded this month! You can sorta ride Pearson's scooter.  You can walk backwards.  You have become a little climber.  Recognizing some body parts.

Da-De (Daddy) Hiiiiii, Bye-Bye, Bubu and Mama, Heeeyyyy, Doh (duck), Pu-Pee (puppy), Ba-Bee (Baby), Ah-Oh (with a big round mouth) Bah (Ball) Wowwwww,  Doh-Gee (doggy), Buh-dee (birdie) Nigh-Nigh (Night-Night) Woah (Hello) Tru (Truck) {New This Month} Duh-De (duckie), Cheeeee (when smiling for a picture and also for Cheese), Tu-Tu (Choo-Choo), Cah (Car), Buh (Book), Bah (Bath and Ball), Wa-Wa (Water), Meh (Milk), Uhh (Up), Ah (On and Off), Muh (More), Day-Doo (Thank-You), Sheeeew (Shoe), Na-Nuh (Banana), Ca-Cer (Cracker), Cuh-Kee (Cookie), No (No & Nose), My (Mine)

12 (6 top/6 bottom) Front 4, Bottom 4 and all 4 molars are in!

Throwing things, eating, taking your shoes off, playing in the playroom, waving bye bye to people, following brother around and doing whatever he is doing.

Brushing your teeth, when Pearson takes things from you, when I pull you out of the toilet, diaper changes, drying off after bath.

Other Random Facts:
  • You had a yucky tummy bug this month with pretty nasty dirty diapers for about two weeks.  
  • We took your paci away from you outside of the crib.  You only have it for nap time and bedtime.  You are doing WAY better than I thought.  
  • You stayed in a hotel room for 2 nights when we were in Houston and you slept great!
  • You have learned how to climb up onto the kitchen table chairs.  One day you had even climbed up onto the kitchen table.  
  • You are such a Mama's boy.  If you are crying, only I can fix it.  We have a bedtime routine where I put you to bed and Daddy puts Pearson to bed.  I don't know if you will ever let us change that.  
  • You can point to your nose and mouth when we ask you to. 
  • When Pearson really starts to bother you, you just smack him.  It's kinda funny!!
  • When we watch American Ninja Warrior, you always pretend to climb the invisible ladder.  
  • If you get really frustrated with us, you start to scream.  You get so mad when you can't get your point across with you little vocabulary.  
  • You are so chill in the car. You love to just look out the window or watch your brother.  
  • You love to be held, especially in the morning.  You want me to hold you from the moment you wake up until I can get breakfast on the table.  
Here is Pearson at 18 months and Nash at 18 months.
 Look at how you have changed!!

Monday, July 27, 2015

meal planning monday

Wednesday: Spaghetti & Meatballs, Caesar Salad, & Garlic Knots

Thursday: Chicken Salad & Chips




Tuesday, July 21, 2015

story time @ panera bread

Our new house is close to a Panera Bread.  Like really really close…….it's dangerous.  
I have discovered their cinnamon crunch scones and I am too embarrassed to admit how many times I have gone and picked one up!!

Another great thing about our Panera Bread is that they do a story time in the summer on Mondays at 10am.  It's a perfect time for us because we can zip up to Panera and be back by 10:30 for Nash to squeeze in a morning nap. 
It's put on by the Tyler Librarian so the lady that comes is really great! She picks out really great stories to read and has the best voice to listen too! She also sings few songs with them too.  
While the stories are great, I can guarantee you that my boys favorite part is this…...
Yes, milk and cookies at Storytime.  It really doesn't get any better than that!!
It's a perfect time for us because we can zip up to Panera and be back by 10:30 for Nash to squeeze in a morning nap.
 I know we are all going to be sad when this story time is over in September.  
 I guess we will have to drive across town to the actually library for story time, but it will be such a bummer because they don't have milk and cookies!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

meal planning monday

Monday: Tator Tot Casserole, Roasted Green Beans, & French Bread

Tuesday: French Dip Sandwiches, Chips & Fresh Fruit

Wednesday: Salmon, Roasted Potatoes, Ceasar Salad & Dinner Rolls

Thursday: Matt: On his own Me & Boys: W/ Lolly & Pops

Friday: Chicken Spaghetti, Green Beans, & Dinner Rolls

Saturday Breakfast: Eggs in a Basket & Bacon

Saturday Lunch: Ham Rolls, Chips & Fresh Fruit

Saturday Dinner: Meatloaf Meatballs, Broccoli, Mac N Cheese & Cresents

Sunday Lunch: Out w/ The LeBlancs

Sunday Dinner: Leftovers

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

nash {17 months}

28ish lbs; 33ish inches
You are mostly wearing 24 month/2T PJ's.  Clothes are mainly 24 months, 18-24 months, and 2T.  You are in size 5 diapers and size 6 or 7 shoes.  

Great night sleeping this month.  Nighttime sleep is usually 7pm-7am and naps are usually 10-11 or 11:30 and 2-4ish.  You are still going strong with your morning nap so I do my best to be home for you to take them.  We miss on Tuesdays when we go to Bible Study and Sunday when we go to church.  Thankfully all the times we have driven back and forth to Dallas, I drive during nap time and you always sleep almost the entire drive. 

You LOVE to eat!! You really will eat anything and everything.  Some of your favorites are bananas, pasta, chicken pot pie, potatoes, blueberry waffles, gold fish, cheese sticks and black beans.  I can always count on you to eat whatever I fix and you always eat more than Pearson.  You are still nursing right before bedtime.  You show no signs of wanting to stop.

New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
You are really pointing to things when you want them, you just don't have the words to say what things are. You love to give us five.  I can't really think of any other "tricks" you have this month. 

Da-De (Daddy) Hiiiiii, Bye-Bye, Bubu and Mama, Heeeyyyy, Doh (duck), Pu-Pee (puppy), Ba-Bee (Baby), Ah-Oh (with a big round mouth) Bah (Ball) Wowwwww {New This Month} Doh-Gee (doggy), Buh-dee (birdie) Nigh-Nigh (Night-Night) Woah (Hello) Tru (Truck)

12 (6 top/6 bottom) You top right molar is still coming in.  Your bottom right lateral incisor is finally coming in and both bottom molars are working on coming in. 

Dancing, playing at church, playing outside all by yourself with brother, swinging, having the front seat in the bath, having the playroom to yourself, throwing stuff….balls, toys, food etc, wrestling with brother.

When you don't have your paci in the car, when I pull you out of stuff you shouldn't be in, when I hold you instead of letting you walk, when we get onto you for hitting, when we spat your arm.  
Other Random Facts:
  • You have been super clingy this month and I think a lot of that has to do with all thats going on in our lives.  I went from not being away from you for more than 4 hrs to being away from you all day and even over night quite a few times in the last month.  It's like you are so scared I am going to leave you.  
  • You have started hitting your brother.  You wake up reared back ready to hit every morning.
  • You are obsessed with watermelon.  I can't even cut one up without you yelling at me to give you a piece.  
  • Bah Boo is your word for things you don't know.  Everything is a Bah Boo. 
  • Every animal you call a doggie and every person you call a baby.  
  • You have started climbing on the side of the high chair when you are ready to eat, but once you get up there, you can't get down.  It's really funny!!
  • You love to walk around the house with the broom.  Too bad you aren't actually cleaning.  
  • You play so good by yourself in the playroom when no one is in there with you (aka Pearson not bothering you) but then when you see me, you lose it and don't want to play by yourself anymore.  
  • You love to wave bye to Daddy in the morning.  You wave your arms so big.  It's precious!!
  • You have started picking up my phone and holding it like you are taking a selfie.  You look at the phone and say "Deeeeeee"
  • I copied this sentence from Pearson's 17 month post, but you are doing the exact same things!! "You mimic things we do and it's so cute.  If you see a brush, you will start to brush your hair with it. If you see the the thermometor, you will rub it against your head.  If you see me use anti-bacterial hand wash, you will start to rub your hands together. It's crazy how much you soak up just watching us do everyday things." 
Here is Pearson at 17 months and Nash at 17 months.
 Look how you have changed……

Monday, July 06, 2015

meal planning monday

Monday: Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin, Swiss Potatoes, Asparagus & French Bread

Tuesday: Chicken Alfredo Baked Ziti & Garlic Bread

Wednesday: BBQ Pork Sandwiches & Chips

Thursday: Pizza Night!

Friday: Cinnamon's Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday: Cinnamon's Wedding

Sunday: On the Road