Thursday, April 17, 2014

DMB easter egg hunt

Dallas Moms Blog held their First Annual Egg Hunt at Huffhines Park this year.  I wasn't required to work the event, but since we were there I volunteered some of time.  Matt and Pearson played in the park while I worked.  I finished working just in time for the 2 year old egg hunt.  
This egg hunt was awesome because not only were there eggs filled with candy, but there were bags of Pirate's Booty and Squeezy Pouches!
My smart boy filled the majority of his basket with the big items and kind of skipped over the eggs!!!
While we were there we also got to decorate a cupcake.
We took it home in a little to go bag so we could eat it after lunch. 
We kept seeing kids with their face painted.  I really wanted Pearson to get it done because it was free, but I just didn't think he would want to.  I asked him and sure enough, he proved me wrong.  He said he wanted it done and he sat perfectly still while she painted his face.  I couldn't believe it!!!
It was absolutely adorable watching him look at himself in the mirror.  It was like he didn't even recognize himself.  
It was SO cold so we didn't take Nash out of his carseat for our family picture.
The Easter Bunny made an appearance at the Egg Hunt.  We don't really talk about the Easter Bunny at home so he wasn't all that impressed.  We were also all getting over the stomach bug, so I think he just didn't quite feel 100% while we were there. 
We played in the park for a little bit longer while we waited for the winners of all the raffles to be announced.  We didn't win anything but we sure had a good time.  
And of course Nash slept through the entire thing!!!
I'm already looking forward to next year's DMB Easter Egg Hunt!

mommy & me

Last week, Pearson's school had a Mommy & Me Day.  It was Easter themed with all sorts of activities for us to do together.
I had Ashley keep Nash so I could enjoy my time with Pearson.
The way they did the egg hunt was genius.  Each child brought a dozen filled eggs to school in an egg carton.  They put all of the eggs out in the field and then each child filled up their egg carton.  It was so much easier explaining to Pearson that when his egg carton was full, the egg hunt was over!  Plus, every kid came home with the same amount of eggs!!  He was so proud of all of his different kinds of eggs. 
His favorite activity (other than the egg hunt) was "Sweeping & Mopping like Mommy".  I need to let him do this at home because we could have stayed their the entire time and he would have been happy.  
We went inside for a few activities including checking out these little baby chicks.  We also made a butterfly, a necklace, ate a snack and made a card for a soldier, but he wouldn't cooperate for any pictures!!
Before we left, we had to mop one more time!  
What a fun afternoon with my big boy! I just love his little preschool and I am so happy that he loves going each Tuesday and Thursday!!

my peeps

My little peeps in their sweet little Easter outfits that Lolly made them!
I love my peeps so much!!

sweet smiles

It's been so fun to re-use all of Pearson's old clothes.  So many of his clothes have such sweet memories.  
I caught some of Pearson's first smiles on camera in this little onesie…….
… I thought it was extra special when I caught some of your smiles in this little onesie too!

great grandparents

I am incredibly lucky and still have two grandmas and a grandpa still living.  Not only are they living, but they all live very close to me!!  
On Wednesday morning we went over to Oma & Joe's house for a little visit.  Pearson loves going over to their house and looking at all of Joe's trinkets in his office.  
Nash just loved all the special attention he was getting.  He even gave Oma & Joe a few smiles! 

this boy

This boy has my heart! 
I seriously can't imagine life without him.  
We love this boy more than words can express. 

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 15}

{Day 99}
We enjoyed a nice visit with my grandparents.  Pearson always loves going to see Oma & Joe.  

{Day 100}
I love my new scarf from Ollie Mae Airstream!

{Day 101}
Perfect day for a walk on the trail with my boys.  I LOVE my double stroller.  I'm so glad I invested in one! We have gotten so much use out of it already. 

{Day 102}
Beautiful weather (okay, maybe a little windy) for an Easter Service Project with our ABF. 

{Day 103}
We didn't get our dates at MOPS Date Night until the Masters was over!

{Day 104}

{Day 105}
I know this boy is sick when he wants to snuggle. 

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 14}

{Day 92}
I had the stomach bug on Sunday and then passed it to Pearson on Tuesday.  Thankfully he isn't throwing up anymore but he just doesn't feel 100%.  A bland lunch for my little sickie.  

{Day 93}
I love the little creations Pearson makes with these legos. 

{Day 94}
Jello for dessert! He was so excited!!

{Day 95}
We had so much fun at the Dallas Moms Blog First Annual Easter Egg Hunt.  I can't believe that Pearson actually sat still to get his face painted! He looked so cute!

{Day 96}
This little boy has my heart. 

{Day 97}
We survived our first big grocery shopping trip with the three of us……thanks to a free cookie from the bakery and my K'Link wrap!

{Day 98}
I offered animals for snack, and he chose carrots.  Score. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I've tried so hard to get a picture of my boys together in their matching shirts, but it just ain't happening!  
I guess that's just life with two boys, huh?
I'm going to keep trying though.  I'm determined to get that perfect shot!!  

#thelinkhomeeveryday2014 {week 13}

I am so far behind in blogging.  Ahhhh!!!  I am determined to get caught back up by the end of the week so I can get back to blogging our day to day life! 

{Day 85}
My little helper cleaning up his crumbs after breakfast. 

{Day 86}
This face pretty much summed up our day.  So fussy. 

{Day 87}
You know you have a child of the 21st century when he thinks the TV is a touch screen. 

{Day 88}
My parents watched the kids so we could go out for dinner and dessert.  It was a much needed kid-free date night. 

{Day 89}
Bath time fun with this little guy!

{Day 90}
We love living so close to Lolly & Pops!!

{Day 91}
Watching a little Super Why before dinner.  It's our favorite show right now!