Thursday, January 22, 2015

meal planning monday

I'm late getting around to posting this so I went ahead and planned for the following week too!

Monday: Pork Chops, Swiss Potatoes, Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Tuesday: Flying Fish w/ My Parents

Thursday: Chicken Rice Soup & French Bread

Friday: Pork Fried Rice & Egg Rolls

Saturday Breakfast: Sausage & Cream Cheese Twirls

Saturday Lunch: Steak Fingers & Tator Tots

Saturday Dinner: Leftovers

Sunday Lunch: Frito Pie

Sunday Dinner: Planning Mtg @ Church

Monday: BBQ Chicken, Roasted Potatoes, & Broccoli

Tuesday: Sausage, Red Beans & Rice

Wednesday: Small Group Potluck

Thursday: Taco Bueno 49¢ Tacos


Saturday: CAMPING

Sunday Lunch: Out after church

Sunday Dinner: Super Bowl Party @ The LeBlancs

Thursday, January 15, 2015

#thelinkhomeeveryday2015 {week 2}

{Day 8}
The best smiles are the ones where your eyes disappear!
{Day 9}
Date night with my handsome man at Geisha! So good!!

{Day 10}
The boys actually let us "sleep in" a little bit on Saturday!!

{Day 11}
I moved this piece of furniture into the living room from Pearson's room to give him a little more play space in his room.  I think I'm really going to enjoy the toy storage in our living room.  I should have done this a long time ago. 

{Day 12}
MOPS Mondays are our favorite.  It's always so refreshing to hang out with other moms for 3 hrs without kids!!

{Day 13}
Black beans and avocados always equal bathe night!!

{Day 14}
We earned this bundt cake after dealing massive fit by Pearson.  Whew!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

fall at the arboretum

Taking it back a little further day, back to when my Mom and I took the boys to the Aboretum.  I really really really wanted some super cute picture of my boys in all the pumpkins.  But we all know taking picture of two little boys in quite impossible, so I set the bar pretty low.  I don't think I got a single picture of them both looking at the camera but I love them all!!  

If you haven't seen the pumpkin display at the Arboretum, you've gotta go see it!! (next fall that is) It's amazing!! Enjoy these pictures of my sweet boys!!
I'll be back tomorrow with our family trip to the Arboretum last month!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

the big guy 2014

**I know, I know, Christmas is over.  It's so over that most stores don't even have any Christmas clearance stuff anymore.  But, I'm STILL playing catch up on my blog.  Two kids hav really been kicking my butt these days, and I just can't get my act together to get totally caught up!!  I think this is the last of my Christmas posts and then I still have a pumpkin patch post I need to whip out along with a whole DOC Band experience post (which was way back in August)!!  So while I know most of you have moved on to 2015 and Valentine's day, I'm still hung up on 2014.  I'll eventually get to 2015!!  But for now, enjoy these pictures of my boys when we went to go see the big guy!!

For the past 3 years we have gone to see Santa at Northpark.  The Northpark Mall is such a fun mall to go to during the Christmas season.  Plus, I think their Santa is the best looking Santa in Dallas.  
We always go see Santa on a weekday the first week after Thanksgiving.  This has always worked well in the past because we don't have to deal with it being over crowded with school aged kids because they are all still in school! I think it was a little more crowded than in the past because we went on a Friday.  I'll have to remember to avoid going on a Friday next year.   My Mom came with me this year. We arrived at the mall a little after 9am to get our ticket.  We were number 82 and told our picture would be taken around 3pm but could come back earlier to see how things were going.  Their system is so confusing!! I used to like it, but now it's just plain confusing.  We strolled the mall and did a little shopping until Santa's Storytime at 10:30.
Pearson is still singing the little jingle that Santa sang in his story…..
"With knock, knock, knock and a stomp, stomp, stomp, stomp.  Santa, Santa, Sannnnn-ta-Clause!!"
During story time, I strolled around with Nash and got him to take a little nap.  
After storytime, we had to kill some more time so we walked around and looked at all the sights to see! We LOVED looking at all of these gingerbread houses.  
I was loving our morning at Northpark until it was lunchtime and the holly jolly spirit in me just flew right out when the crowds came.  We grabbed a bite at Chipotle then went to check in to see if we could squeeze in before Santa's break at 2pm.  
We got lucky and we were able to get in the line because there weren't any people with lower numbers waiting.  We quickly texted Matt to come join us.  He at a work Christmas party at Maggiano's.  
Pearson was really excited about Santa this year.  He knew exactly what he was going to ask Santa for.  
It worked out perfectly that Matt was able to join us for this fun little event!!
When the boys first go into Santa's lap, Nash couldn't take his eyes off of him.  
When Santa started talking to Pearson, he got a little shy and wouldn't look at him.  He quickly told him that he wanted a bike for Christmas.  
I love how Santa takes time to talk to the kids (as long as they aren't screaming) and doesn't just take the picture and move on. 
Since it was Nash's first Christmas I wanted to get a few quick shots of him all by himself with Santa.  I was pretty sure Nash wasn't going to scream because he is a happy little guy.  I was just hoping to get a few of his sweet smiles out of him.  He was mainly just in awe of the big guy!!
I'm wondering if next year will be a screaming picture!! I wouldn't be sad if it was.  I sure do love a good screaming Santa picture!!
Of course, every year I splurge on the $21.95 professional picture because it's just so much better than the ones I take.  

Here's a look back at our Santa pics over the years!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

meal planning monday

Monday: BLT's & Chips

Tuesday: Brisket Tacos & Black Beans

Wednesday: Hamburger Soup & French Bread

Thursday: Chicken Parmesan w/ Spaghetti & Garlic Knot

Friday:  Mississippi Roast & Carrots & Mashed Potatoes

Saturday Breakfast: Hobo Pancakes & Bacon

Saturday Lunch: Leftover Soup

Saturday Dinner: Brisket Quesadillas, Guacamole & Black Beans

Sunday Lunch: Sonny Bryan's Giftcard

Sunday Dinner: Roast Beef Sandwiches w/ Au Ju Sauce & Chips

Sunday, January 11, 2015

nash {11 months}

Dear Sweet Nash-
Oh little brother! You have kept me on my toes this month.  You are fast and on the move and super curious!!  You are such a happy go lucky little guy!  I am truly in denial that my little 6 pound 10 ounce baby boy is almost ONE.  How in the world can that be???
Oh brother, sleeping is just constantly changing for you.  We get a couple of great nights and then a couple of "bad" nights.  I say "bad" because they really aren't bad at all, but you are 11 months old so I expect you to sleep all night just like your brother did at this age!!  Most of the time when you wake up it's because you are sick.  You had another ear infection this month and you also had the flu.  While you are sick, I get up with you and rock you back to sleep.  I haven't nursed you in the middle of the night in forever.  What's frustrating is that you wake up screaming (and sitting up) and the second I pick you up, you are asleep.  If I lay you down though, you wake right back up……which results in me having to rock you for a little while until you are good and asleep.  While you still wake up a once in the nights some nights, you go down SO easily.  I lay you down and you fall asleep without a fuss.  Naptimes are the same way.  It's so easy for you to fall asleep on your own which is so nice!!  Naps have been pretty short this month, almost never lasting more than an hour.  You nap around 9am and 2pm.  Bedtime is at 7pm now, because you are my little early riser.  You wake up between 6-6:30.  It doesn't matter what time we put you to bed, you always wake up early!!  While I don't enjoy waking up early, it's nice to be able to nurse you in bed lying down while Pearson is still asleep.
Most days I still nurse you 4 times a day, but a few days a week I am starting to give you a bottle at 10:30/11am after your morning nap.  That will be the first nursing that we drop.    You eat 3 meals a day around 8am, noon, and 5:30.  You love every single thing we give you to eat.  We haven't found anything you don't like.  This month you have tried (and liked) ground beef, roast, mac N cheese, pears,  cheese, lunch meat, sweet potatoes, greek yogurt, & french fries!  I'm sure there are more things, but that is all I can think of.  You still love eating babyhood and can suck down a pouch in about 5 seconds.  We are slowing moving you to all table food, but for now you still get baby food occasionally.
New Tricks/Activities/Accomplishments: 
Your biggest trick is pulling up to your feet.  You crawl so so fast, especially if you are off to get something.  You are babbling a lot and love to try to repeat any sounds that we make.  I haven't taken very good notes of the sounds that you are making.  Your main "word" is bu-buh and da-dah, however I'm not totally sure you know what they mean.  Anytime we shake our head yes, you do it really big back at us.  It's adorable!! You can feel the beat when you hear music.  You love to bounce up and down when a good song is on.  
Opening and closing doors, remotes, phones, iPad, puffs, playing with cars in the hall, spashing in the tub, praise baby video, playing with tupperware, playing with Pearson's toys. 
Diaper changes, pulling clothes over your head, hats, hoods or anything on your head, when you run out of puffs, when no one pays you any attention, when you are overly tired, getting your nose wiped.
Other Random Facts:

  • We had to move your crib to the lowest setting since you started pulling up to your feet. 
  • You are starting to understand NO! We are constantly having to tell you to not mess with power cords.  You are always going for them.  
  • Lots of sickness this month…….ear infection, the flu, and lots of congestion. 
  • You love playing in the tupperware cabinet and opening and closing any and all doors.  
  • You nod your head and agree with us if we nod our heads really big.  
  • You have really started to interact with Pearson more this month and I am just loving watching you two play together!
  • You shove food in your mouth with both hands. We literally can't feed you fast enough.  
  • You always have something in your mouth…..a paci, your fingers, or a toy.
Happy 11 months baby boy!!

Your Mommy

{11 month Stats}

Weight:    23 pounds 10 ounces
Length:  30ish inches???
Eating: nursing 3-4 times a day (around 7:00am, 11am, 3pm, & 7:30pm) along with 3 meals a day (around 8:00, noon, & 5:30) I am slowing start to drop the 11am feeding and give a bottle instead.  
Bedtime: around 7:00pm
Awake: around 6:30am
Naps: usually 2 45 minute-1 hr 15 minute naps around 9am and 2pm
Diapers: size 4's
Clothes: a few 12-18 month, mostly 18 months and 18-24 month hand-me-downs
Teeth: 1 new top tooth (4 total: two bottom & 2 top)

Here is Pearson at 11 months and Nash at 11 months.
Look how you've changed.